What type of digital asset management system should i use for a product photography job?

If you're looking for a photographic digital asset management tool, PhaseOne Capture One Pro 8 is exactly what you need. In addition to powerful management and editing tools, it has an attractive user interface. You can use several functions for importing photos, managing libraries and editing images. Therefore, for every photographer, a Digital Asset Management System (DAM) is an invaluable tool.

It can be used to organize your digital assets and automate your workflow. Wrike is a work management platform that allows you to manage digital assets on a single platform. Wrike connects directly to more than 400 integrations to help you centralize assets in a secure location, saving your team time and energy. Next, we spoke with product photographers and e-commerce professionals to find out how they manage their product photo archives for customers, partners and in-house teams.

As an e-commerce seller, you may never have thought twice about how a basic photo editing technique with shadows can benefit your product photography in. For example, if you manage product photography for a retail brand, you could have unique collections for different products or product lines.

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