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Product photography is an essential part of many industries and businesses, from retail to online commerce. The job of a product photographer is to capture images of products in a way that will attract potential customers and accurately represent the item. Product photographers are responsible for taking pictures of items in a studio or on location, carefully positioning them in the frame, and using lighting and props to create an attractive and compelling image. They must also have knowledge of digital editing tools to edit their photos and ensure they meet their client's specifications.

Salary Expectations

The salary for a product photographer can vary depending on experience level, location, and type of employer. According to PayScale, the average salary for a product photographer is $41,837 per year.

However, salaries can range from $29,874 to $60,743.

Skills Needed

Product photographers need to possess a variety of skills in order to be successful. These include: an eye for detail; knowledge of lighting techniques; mastery of photography techniques; editing and retouching skills; organizational skills; ability to work with minimal supervision; understanding of latest photography trends; and willingness to experiment with new techniques and technologies.

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