How much do you get for product photography?

Depending on the scope of the work and the complexity, some photographers may even negotiate an hourly rate higher than this range. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get product photography jobs in this market, because higher-paying customers are more likely to accept your offer without a doubt. Product photography is one of the few sectors in which your work directly influences the purchasing decisions of potential customers and may require licenses and royalties if you have a performance-based contract. The amount you would spend on product photography also depends on the experience of the photographer you're working with.

Now that you know all the categories of products or photographs and the number of images needed in each category, the service provider can determine an exact price per image for each category and, therefore, the total cost of the project. However, be sure to work with someone who has experience in product photography, not photography in general. If your products take a long time to appear on the photo table and this time has not been taken into account in the initial price of the image, an additional fee may apply. Read on to learn how to make your product photography business profitable in the long term.

While the world of product photography is huge, so are the profitability and expected business licenses you can charge for your work. As many small businesses close their doors and move from physical stores to online stores, demand for product photographs will increase. If you master the techniques needed for one or more of these types of product photography, you'll have less competition and can become the go-to product photographer in that niche. In fact, product photography extends to topics such as food and the real estate sector, and each of these fields has its specialists who may demand high rates.

While product descriptions are important, a proper visual presentation of the product can help you sell more. A self-respecting product photographer would know how to adjust lighting based on the size, color, shape and reflectivity of the product. For these reasons alone, I believe that product photography is not only cost-effective, but preferred to any other type of commercial work. However, after reading this post, you should have a good understanding of how the prices of product photographs can vary.

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